Emerge Swimwear

Summer is meant to be spent at the pool… right!? All summer long I’ve made it a point to be by the pool as much as possible! Now I have even more of an excuse in my new bikini from Emerge Swimwear! I was SO excited to wear this new bikini at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort, one of my favorite resorts to spend my free time in Scottsdale, Az!

Emerge Swimwear launched earlier this summer and they are well known for their water-activated patterns! When the swimwear comes in contact with the water a pattern appears on it! They are also handcrafted in the USA and use DriSTREAM water-activates patterning technology. Basically this means the technology allows them to create a pattern on swimwear that is invisible when by its self and dry and will only appear when the material becomes wet!

Apart from the amazing designs that miraculously appear when wet, Emerge Swimwear offers a variety of different styles to choose from! From your traditional itsy bitsy bikini to achieve minimal tan lines, to the cutest one-pieces, they’ve got a variety to choose from! Did I mention that each style also has 4 different color options and 3 different options for the design that will appear when wet?! These bathing suits make it feel as though you just created a bikini of your dreams from scratch and they arrive at your door within a week or less!

Summer is coming to an end but that doesn’t mean you should stop rocking your swimwear! Here in Scottsdale we still have PLENTY of time to get our tan on! I highly suggest checking out Emerge Swimwear ASAP, especially because they have a sale going on NOW, so shop FAST!

**This post was made in partnership with EMERGE SWIMWEAR!

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