Maui Travel Guide Featuring Revolve

Are you headed to Hawaii and looking for a Maui itinerary that’ll show you the absolute best the island has to offer? I got you covered! I definitely left my heart in Maui, but luckily…all my new Revolve Hawaii clothing got to come home with me! Throughout my vaca, I was lucky enough to have worn Revolve through out it all!  From the cutest bikinis at the beach, the perfect matching set for a hike and even the fancier dinner nights out, Revolve had me covered the whole time! All the deets are below!

I landed in Maui, hopped off the plane from Scottsdale, wearing the coziest Revolve combo I have in my closet. I don’t usually go for comfort but definitely do when I’m on a 6 hour flight lol! I went for the “I can’t I’m busy” Superdown t-shirt and the comfiest shorts from one of my favorite Revolve sets. Side note, if you are traveling to Maui or anywhere in Hawaii in the coming months, you will most likely be waiting in a 1-2 hour line to confirm you are in the clear to be in Hawaii, with a negative covid test and the proper paperwork filled out!

Before I get to into detail on the best tourist spots to visit I wanted to talk about where I stayed for the entire trip! I was lucky enough to stay at the Fairmont Kea Lani. One of the most beautiful Fairmont resort’s I’ve ever been to. I’ve now had the chance to stay at both Fairmont Kea Lani & the Fairmont Orchid. Did I mention all Fairmont resorts are 5 stars?! If you are looking for a whole love of luxury, this is definitely the hotel spot for you! I found myself having a hard time stepping foot out of the resort because it was that beautiful and convenient! Pictured wearing the most perfect Revolve dress on the balcony of our suite!

Ok, back to the fun stuff! As fast as I possibly could, I checked into the resort to check out the private beach and threw on the most perfect Hawaiian bikini I could find! I’m always so impressed with the Superdown brand Revolve carries. It not only always has an incredible price point but they truly have outfit options for every type of occasion! This bikini was definitely my go-to through out the trip even though let’s me real, I brought 20 more with me lol.

Although I really wanted take the resort and chill way of life during my entire stay in Maui, I knew I had some more exploring to do! Our hotel was located in Wailea and we decided to make our way to another part of the island called Kaanapali. My parents vacationed at a Hyatt resort in Kaanapali over 30 years ago before they were married, so we knew we had to see what this part of the Island was all about! I was SO ready for the full on adventure in the most perfect exploration outfit I could find! I wore Superdown shorts and Free People bodysuit that were both from Revolve and I paired it with some studded gifted Steve Madden shoes and a hat I bought as a souvenir during the first day of vaca. This was the perfect fit for exploring a new area with a tropical drink in hand at all times! 

Once the sun was about to set, I ran to go change for the perfect sunset beach photo op and was so excited to put on the absolute perfect Superdown dress for watching the sunset and enjoying some more cocktails into dinner! If I HAD to pick a favorite outfit from this trip, this might just be the one. If you aren’t into orange/ pink this Revolve dress would have been my next choice.

Next up, the Road to Hana! The Road to Hana is an absolute MUST if you only have one chance to go to Maui! Every single person we asked for advice from mentioned that this was a must! The Hana Highway is a 64.4-mile-long stretch of Hawaii Routes 36 and 360 which connects Kahului to the town of Hana in east Maui. This day trip took us to some iconic local fruit stands, the freshest fried shrimp and fish I’ve ever had and some waterfalls that were so picturesque, it was hard to believe they were real! Through out the day trip, I wore my newest favorite pink Superdown set! It was the perfect mix of comfy, stylish and also allowed me to be active, all in one!

Near the end of the “Road to Hana” we had to stop by the Red Sand Beach, a.k.a. Kaihalulu Beach, which is a pocket beach located on Kaihalulu Bay. It’s quite literally, exactly how it sounds! The LITERAL sand/rocks are a beautiful red color and the only way to get to it, is to hike on the scariest trail. I am not one to fear heights, but I looked down a couple times and was freaking out, but I knew the end VIEWS would be totally worth it! I had to whip out my Revolve bikini that I packed that had red and white stripes on the top and bottom, it was too perfect not to! The views and this beach was nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before! I felt like a was exploring an entirely new place that wasn’t in Hawaii. It was quite the experience and a must if you end of on the Road to Hana during your stay in Maui.

We explored quite a few other areas in Maui while we had a rental car! During our stay it was a bit challenging to find a rental that was available. Everyone was traveling to Hawaii during June since most international travel was still closed! We were lucky enough to find on thru the Fairmont for 2 days, otherwise we would have been exploring even more! This trip was definitely the perfect balance of exploring somewhere new and also getting the chance to relax with a fancy cocktail in hand at all times! My sis, her boyfriend and I refused to leave the Fairmont Kea Lani without sipping on an iconic pineapple cocktail, so I put on the dressiest fit I brought enjoyed! If you know me, you know I LOVE a good photo opportunity, and this couldn’t have been a better way to rock on of my fav NBD dresses from Revolve!

You can shop each of these looks I mentioned on Revolve. Each items is linked above! If you haven’t checked them out yet, I highly recommend that you do! Feel free to reach out to me on my Instagram if you have any questions about any of these amazing pieces or are traveling to Maui soon, shoot me a DM! Shoutout to Revolve for gifting me all these amazing outfits!

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